Weaving is a technique of textile production where distinct sets of yarns or threads are interlaced to form a fabric or cloth. Sona International India comes under the list of carpet manufacturers and are well known for our fine weaving process. The method in which these threads are inter-woven affects the characteristic of the cloth. Cloth is woven in a loom and it is a device that holds the warp threads in place while filling threads are woven through them.

The weaving process involves various levels having their own functions. Weaving is the second stage towards the production of textiles and is widely used for manufacturing fabrics by interweaving.interlacing it. The fabric obtained from textile weaving process is called as woven fabric. We are one of the leading manufacturer in India as our weaving process is done in a perfect manner which results in a fine fabric. We are also the supplier and exporter in countries like USA, UK, Australia and Europe.

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