Sona International India, based in Navi Mumbai simplifies with its talent any ancient designs into versatile contemporary products that give warmth and energy to any space. Each rug is hand-crafted from super soft wool and the finest pure yarns, whose long fibres create a dense, plush pile that feels magnificent underfoot. Walking over rugs evoke a nomadic and adventurous spirit. Take a look at the hand-woven floor ware, extensive collections of Moroccan rugs at our website or visit office to see a sample. It is widely used in Western countries and we are leading Moroccan rugs exporters for countries USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia. Colors of the product vary from buyer to buyer, and designs can be geometric shapes or form-free expressive patterns. Moroccan rugs fit best with modernist decor, antique design and therefore, are widely popular for decorative flexibility and available at reasonable prices.  
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